TNC Employee Receives 2014 Eitas Advocate of the Year

ArdithCongratulations to Ardith Scheer for receiving the Advocate of the Year Award from Eitas, Jackson County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

She was nominated by Nancy Nicolaus, Agency Relations Supervisor for Eitas, for her exceptional and tireless advocacy on behalf of people with developmental disabilities.

Ardith, Community RN for TNC,  has been part of TNC Community for over twelve years. Over that course of time, she has become an expert in the field that few can match. Her experience and dedication is exceptional.

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TNC Individual Receives Eitas 2014 Personal Success of the Year

A TNC Individual, Billie, recently received an award from Eitas, the Jackson County board of Developmental Disabilities for her personal successes over the past year.

Since joining the TNC Community family, she was diagnosed with a rare disorder called PKU. The abbreviation PKU is the easy way of saying Phenylketonuria, an inherited disorder that increases the levels of a substance called phenylalanine in the blood. It is found in all proteins and in some artificial sweeteners. If PKU is not treated, phenylalanine can build up to harmful levels in the body, causing serious health problems.

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40 Under 40

JamesCongratulations to James Landrum, TNC Executive Director, and the entire 2014 class of 40 under Forty sponsored by Ingram’s Magazine.

“I’m in such great company. It was such a privilege and honor to be nominated,” said James. “I don’t do things simply for the recognition. But it’s nice to know that people who I look up to as mentors are recognizing the work that’s being done here at TNC.”

Besides being TNC’s Executive Director, James is involved in his neighborhood and in his community, volunteering with Friends of Alvin Ailey and sitting on other board of directors for other community groups.

James joined the TNC Family in 2001, and he’s been the Executive Director since 2004. During his time at TNC, he’s watched the agency undergo tremendous growth and expansion – especially in the past few years.

He really thinks of TNC as a family – a place individuals with intellectual disabilities can call home and employees have a significant impact on people’s lives on a daily basis.

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