Chiefs, Red Coats Host Special VIP Dinner, Tour

by: Danielle Nelson, Residential Support Manager

TNC treated to dinner and special VIP Arrowhead, including locker rooms

TNC Community was privileged to receive an awesome opportunity to participate in an event with the Kansas City Chiefs. This spring, a team of Chiefs employees came to TNC’s office to meet with us and plan what kind of event we would have.

HyVee catered in lasagned and the Red Coaters, the Chief’s dedicated volunteer organization, provided a pot-luck style dinner. At dinner, there were numerous photo opportunities with a few Chiefs players, Cheerleaders, and of course KC Wolf.

“The Red Coaters were so gracious to us and really jumped in and helped us with everything,” said Danielle. “The individuals had a great time!”

After dinner, the Red Coaters split our large group into smaller ones durinnng the tour of the Arrowhead.

“We got to see all sorts of special things like the Chiefs locker room!” said Danielle. “The individuals really felt like VIP’s! It was such a good experience for them!”

Thanks again to Danielle Nelson and the Kansas City Chiefs for organizing, coordinating and hosting the event.

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