Omaha Zoo

by Cynthia Mastin

Earlier this month, three individuals and two TNC employees visited the Omaha Zoo.  We spent the whole day there looking and interacting with animals.


There was an area where they had a trainer with a rabbit. The trainer was allowing people to pet it. Rhonda and Dennis did not want to do it, but Norma did. A few minutes after petting the rabbit, she started saying “baby” and smiling.

We were also able to see a snake being fed, a gorilla being given its sensory item and a very upset tiger.

After about five hours at the zoo, we went to dinner. The manager at the Golden Corral was very kind towards our group. He helped carry drinks to the table and even came back to chat more with us. He also helped us with refills and picking up plates. When we were leaving, he RAN to the door to open it for us. We always appreciate the kindness of strangers.


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