St. Louis

by Latrice Abercrombie

Here at TNC Community, we’ve been preparing for the impending winter and cold air that will soon be setting in by taking the last few trips from fall. A small group of individuals went to St. Louis and had an opportunity to experience some things they’ve been waiting a lifetime to fulfill. They traveled there, stayed the night and returned the next day.


One gentleman had to delay a previously scheduled St. Louis trip due to health complications that left him using a feeding tube. But this did not deter him from achieving a long-time dream of watching his beloved Cardinals play at Busch Stadium.

welcome-to-sweetie-pies-1Another woman’s couldn’t wait to go to Sweetie Pie’s. She was able to meet the cooks, and she enjoyed the food. She also enjoyed staying a night away from home and sleeping in a hotel. She went to several sightseeing locations, including the Arch, and shopping.




94738-004-A1250B61One woman’s dream is to stand and walk.  We have been helping make this dream come to reality, and also so she could go to St. Louis. In order to make this possible, she uses a Hoyer lift to help move her from her wheelchair to the bed and other sitting positions. We were concerned about how this would work. When it was time to lay down, she said she was ready and she could do this. We carefully positioned her close to the bed. And with assistance, she stood up, took three steps, turned and got into the bed safely. I was amaze this could happen! She has worked hard losing weight. She’s proven that she can stand with assistance. This tells us that, with faith, anything is possible.

TNC makes dreams come to reality. We have dedicated, hard-working employees who are willing to put an individual’s needs before their own. And we’re seeing each individual’s dreams come to reality.

The individuals enjoyed the trip, staying at the hotel (which graciously accommodated our group) and shopping. It’s a trip they won’t soon forget.

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