Job: Health Support Coordinator (HSC)


Health Support Coordinator (HSC)

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PollyAnna Loa

Job Description

Responsible for assisting the Community Registered Nurse, Residential Support Manager (RSM) and Residential Support Coordinator (RSC) to ensure appropriate and current health care is provided for the individuals residing in the group home and ISL environments. The Health Support Coordinator advocates for the removal of architectural, environmental, attitudinal, financial, employment, communication, transportation, community integration and other barriers for persons receiving services at the TNC Community. Responsible to report all suspected/alleged abuse and neglect in accordance with TNC Community policies.



  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must possess a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Certification as CMT or CNA preferred
  • Minimum 1-year experience working with ID/DD individuals


The position requires sufficient communication skills: written, verbal, and nonverbal, to effectively engage with individuals, staff and administration


  • Ability to clear background checks and drug/alcohol screenings as required.
  • Current CPR/First Aid certification
  • Maintain current Abuse/Neglect Training
  • Completion of Gentle Teaching or Equivalent
  • Must participate in all mandatory trainings and re-certifications as required.
  • Ability to drive motorized vehicles
  • Valid class E Missouri driver’s license or equivalent( may be optional)
  • Must have own transportation and proof of insurance (may not be required)
  • Ability to lift 75 pounds (weight may vary)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Be familiar with and able to utilize a computer


These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements necessary for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the Health Support Coordinator’s position. Reasonable accommodation can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the described essential functions of the Health Support Coordinator’s position unless doing so imposes an undue hardship on the operation of the organization.

While performing the responsibilities of the Health Support Coordinator’s position, the employee is required to talk and hear. The employee is often required to sit and use his/her hands and fingers, to handle or feel, drive, type, and file. The employee is often required to stand, walk, reach with arms and hands, climb or balance, and to stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl. He/she lifts and moves items and/or persons up to 75 lbs., and greater weights utilizing a lift device or two-man lift/transfer. Vision abilities required by this position include close vision.

Detailed Information


  1. Has read and is familiar with ISP information for individuals supported
  2. Maintain current and accurate health related appointment entries in Therap, which provides an accurate calendar for individual and staff member reference
  3. Submit medical information/records from visits to supervisor for review within 5 business days. Update notes to Report of Consult(ROC) in Therap as needed.  If a follow-up visit is required or scheduled, enter the new appointment into Therap
  4. When time permits, support individuals in participating in community integration activities—shopping, dining, personal activities, etc. when transporting to and from health visits. Complete necessary documentation and submit receipts when use of individuals funds occur.


  1. Schedule health appointments for individuals according to the Health Maintenance Schedule updated annually. Schedule any additional appointments as recommended or needed to provide optimal health care support for each individual
  2. Arrange transportation for individuals to and from scheduled appointments. When appropriate, utilize Mo HealthNet Re-imbursement process for medical trips. Enter a T-log at least one day in advance of the appointment, when possible, to notify staff of specific requirements necessary to prepare for the visit.
  3. When a medical visit is scheduled with less than 24 hours notice, contact the supporting staff by telephone with instructions to prepare the individual for the visit.
  4. Submit POS to primary care provider annually and after any inpatient hospital admission for review and authorization. Have specialists review and authorize medications he/she manages at visits at least annually. Notify supervisor when signed POS is placed in current chart
  5. Keep individual Physician Order Sheet (POS) and MAR current and up-to-date as orders are added/discontinued/changed. Enter T-Log regarding all new/changed/discontinued orders as soon as possible after receipt of order including order information and instructions for implementation of order(s) (repackaging, documentation, etc.)
  6. Report identified health issues to Community RN. Monitor health issues as identified and/or directed by Community RN. Document status of health issues per T-Log entry in Therap after each contact.  (In case of life-threatening emergencies, 9-1-1 would be called FIRST)
  7. After training by supervisor, complete ear flushing on identified individuals as ordered by primary care provider. Document completion and results on MAR
  8. Maintain a current data base of health care provider information for individual(s) by obtaining a business card of each service provider utilized and submitting information to central office for entry into Therap. The information will also be kept on-site in the individual’s health file under insurance information in a business card holder page


  1. Routine schedule will be Monday through Friday, allowing for daily flexibility of hours to accommodate appointment needs of individuals
  2. Provide on-call support 24 hours/day from 7am Monday- 4:30pm Friday to respond to health related issues at assigned sites and emergency support for assigned individuals
  3. Provide on-call support for entire agency on a rotating weekend schedule, beginning 4:30pm Friday and ending 7am Monday.
  4. No supervisory responsibilities.


  1. HSC will be familiar with individual’s medical/medication insurance information and will assure that medications are ordered from correct sources, avoiding non-covered charges.
  2. Notify LogistiCare of reimbursement qualified trips according to notification requirement, complete mileage re-imbursement logs and have signed by provider. Submit logs to finance office by last day of each month.
  3. Submit receipts for gas or any other purchase(s) to finance office by last day of each month


  1. Coordinate with management staff at applicable sites regarding transportation scheduling for appointments for individuals. Will utilize assigned HSC van first and other transportation as required. New appointments will be posted as soon as possible to allow time for transportation planning
  2. Maintain TNC Community vehicles in a neat, organized, clean and safe manner. Leave vehicles with a minimum of ½ tank of fuel after each use.
  3. Report identified service needs on vehicles by completing service repair form immediately after use.


  1. Attend Health Team meetings as scheduled on regular basis.
  2. Complete and file all forms and paperwork according to guidelines in a timely manner
  3. Assists in maintaining an orderly, safe and hygienic environment for individuals
  4. Attend in-service education to enhance professional knowledge.
  5. When on-site, assist house staff in fire/disaster drills or should actual disaster occur, participate in moving individuals to safety
  6. Other related duties as assigned.

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