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Title Personal Support Attendant (PSA)

Nzala Chongo
Staff Development Director


DEPARTMENT: Residential
REPORTS TO: Residential Support Coordinator (indirectly the Residential Support Manager)

This position is responsible for the day-to-day support of assigned consumers. Works in co-operation with Residential Support Coordinator (RSC), Residential Support Manager/QDDP (RSM), Community RN, Consultant Dietitian, Consultant Occupational Therapist, and other support services staff. The PSA will assist the RSC and QDDP in advocating for the removal of architectural, environmental, attitudinal, financial, employment, communication, transportation, and any other barriers to the persons receiving services through TNC Community. The PSA will report all suspected/alleged abuse and neglect in accordance with the TNC policies.


Must be at least 18 years of age. Must possess a High School Diploma or GED. Must be physically capable of lifting up to 75 lbs. (with the assistance of TNC staff). Must participate in all mandatory training and yearly re-certifications as required by law.

Average verbal communication.
Average written communication.
Average non-verbal communication.

Ability to drive motorized vehicles.
Valid Missouri Class E driver’s license



1. Supports assigned consumers by assisting with meal time, hygiene needs and person care, dressing, leisure/recreational activities and all other areas of life, utilizing adaptive equipment as trained when appropriate.
2. Documents daily observations and routine supports before leaving duty each day.
3. Responsible for timely and effective reporting of behaviors, incidents, seizures and medication errors, which includes but not limited to, submitting all necessary reports.
4. Is informed and educated regarding each supported consumers’ Person Centered Plan, medications and dietary needs and variances and can discussed same as needed.
5. Following directions of the Person Centered Plan, supports consumer to focus on specific identified habilitation goal activities. Document’s information regarding success level achieved for each activity and consumer response during the activity.
6. Participates in planning meetings for/with consumers when invited.
7. Communicates with guardians/parents, friends of consumers, etc. according to TNC Community policy and procedures.
8. Assists consumers to achieve appropriate, comfortable personal appearance throughout the day and supports with necessary adjustments as needed.
9. Supports consumers to maintain personal belongings and bedrooms as well as common areas of the home to ensure a clean and healthy environment.
10. Works as a “team” with other assigned staff to provide optimum supportive environment for consumers and to complete identified tasks.


1. Administers and documents as legally required all medication(s) and treatment(s) prescribed for consumers.
2. Reports any/all identified medication/treatment or documentation errors via Event Report procedure. Events Report(s) will be completed prior to leaving the home the same day the error(s) is identified.
3. Is responsible for notifying Community RN by telephone of any identified medication/treatment errors that occur the same day. This allows the Community RN to notify the physician and potentially correct for the error.
4. Observes for and responds to signs/symptoms of illness or injury of consumer(s) in a timely manner and reports same to Health Support Coordinator or designated staff member.
5. Uses correct written reporting methods for behaviors, events, seizure activity, damaged equipment/household repairs, etc. and reports information in a timely manner.
6. Utilizes positioning and safety activities as needed and/or ordered. Consumer lifting is always completed by two (2) personnel working together.
7. Applies information regarding individual consumer’s mealtime management each time consumer eats. Educates others (friends, volunteers, family, etc,) on how to support the consumer safely during mealtime activity.
8. Is familiar with disaster procedures for assigned work site and participates in disaster drills that occur when on duty.


1. Is responsible for being aware of requirements to maintain certification(s) and other training and/or health needs required to maintain employment with TNC Community. Will attend trainings offered by TNC Community at no cost in order to maintain employment status or arrange to obtain training elsewhere at own expense.
2. Submits accurate daily timecard for hours worked, which includes reviewing time card for accuracy and notifying supervisor of any necessary corrections needed prior to end of pay period.
3. Provides accurate contact information to direct supervisor and TNC Community central office. Immediately notifies both of any change in contact information.


1. May assist the Residential Support Coordinator with purchasing supplies or provide shopping support for consumers when assigned. Is responsible to obtain individual receipts for consumer purchases and turn all receipts in to supervisor immediately on return or as designated.


1. Ensures safe and continuous operation of assigned vehicle by reporting repair needs, accidents, and traffic violations immediately.
2. Supports consumer(s) by transporting via TNC Community vehicles or other approved vehicles to activities/locations in the community. Follows TNC Community “Outing” policy and procedure anytime away from consumer’s home.
3. Maintains TNC vehicles in a neat, organized, clean, safe, sanitary manner.
4. Maintains the home in a neat, organized, clean, safe, sanitary manner.


1. Follows all TNC rules, policies, and procedures.
2. Reads designated “communication book” at assigned home site at beginning of each work shift. Enters applicable information into the communication book as needed.
3. Arrives at assigned site on-time for shift, dressed and prepared to provide support for assigned consumers.
4. Any other related duties as assigned.

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