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Title Residential Support Coordinator (RSC)

Nzala Chongo
Staff Development Director


DEPARTMENT: Residential
REPORTS TO: Residential Support Manager/(RSM)

Responsible for managing TNC resources and assigned facility including facility budget and consumer funds. Responsible for vehicle maintenance, proper function and safety. Responsible for supervision of Personal Support Attendants (PSA), providing orientation and monitoring of documentation and direct support activities. Assist the Residential Support Manager with the oversight of consumers’ health, safety, and quality of life. Assist Resident Support Manager with functional consumer program monitoring. The Residential Support Coordinator (RSC) will advocate for the removal of architectural, environmental, attitudinal, financial, employment, communication, transportation, and any other barriers to the persons receiving services through TNC Community. Responsible to report all suspected/alleged abuse and neglect in accordance with TNC poli


Must possess a High School Diploma or GED. Two years of combined direct service and related management experience preferred (must have at least one year of direct service experience).

Average verbal communication.
Average written communication.
Average non-verbal communication.

Ability to drive motorized vehicles.
Valid Missouri Class E driver’s license.



1. Communicate regularly with Personal Support Attendant (PSA) and other staff face to face, via phone and communication log to provide consistency in addressing each consumer’s needs on a daily basis.
2. Review of Daily Documentation Record (DDR) and Medication Administration Record (MAR) on regular basis for accuracy and completeness. Alert RSM, Health Support Coordinator (HSC), Community RN or other involved staff of any identified issues.
3. Attend parent/guardian meetings when held at supervised location. May attend other parent meetings if desire.
4. Participate in Person Centered Plan (PCP) meetings for consumers residing in supervised facility.
5. Communicate effectively with all parents/guardians related to specific consumer while protecting confidentiality of others within the home.
6. Provide leadership for PSA’s in planning and implementing community outings and ensure outing policy compliance. Assist with staffing and transportation support of planned outings.
7. Support RSM in PSA education/implementation of program plan by verbal discussion, review of documentation and observation through the day to verify that PSA’s understand and can communicate and correctly document each consumer’s program objective(s), medications, dietary and health/safety needs. Report noted deficiencies to appropriate person(s) in timely manner.


1. Monitor personal appearance/hygiene of consumers, assuring appropriate dress and appearance within the home and out in community
2. In corroboration w/consumers and staff, plan and post menus approved by Community RN, order and purchase food and needed supplies (or delegate responsibility) to meet specific menus and budgetary limits. Will utilize support of registered dietician when recommended by Community RN. If purchases are delegated, collect receipts and maintain accurate accounts.
3. Ensure that PSAs are trained on individual consumer dietary needs and supports and that posted menus are understood and followed daily. Report deficiencies/training needs to appropriate person(s) in timely manner.
4. Monitor cleaning and maintenance of consumer’s supportive, adaptive equipment on a regular basis and document.
5. Ensure timely communication of issues regarding consumer health care to Health Support Coordinator (HSC) and/or Community RN via PSAs and/or self.
6. Responsible for responding to RSM and/or Community RN requests/directions for training/monitoring and/or documentation related to health, safety and programmatic plans.
7. Working in conjunction with the HSC, the RSC will assist with arranging transportation availability for medical services in a timely manner.
8. Responsible for processing Community Event Reports when indicated for injuries, medication errors, etc. Submit Event Reports to Service Coordinators as per guidelines and process Event Reports completed by PSA(s), HSC, RSM, Community RN or others related to consumers in your supervised facility.
9. Responsible for facility and van cleanliness and safety. Complete and submit Service Request forms for repairs, etc. for facility, consumer equipment, van’s and other items in a timely manner. Maintain and track completion of requests.
10. Will be present for, complete and submit timely documentation of scheduled emergency drills as required.
11. Will complete a minimum of one (1) site visit between the hours of 12am and 5am every other month at supervised facility for the purpose of verifying compliance and performance quality by PSA staff.


1. Responsible for maintaining adequate staffing levels by scheduling interviews, completing necessary forms, initiating and tracking orientation processes and training in a timely manner. Submit completed orientation/training document within prescribed time limits.
2. Responsible for completing and posting staff schedules monthly. Responsible for finding replacement staff in the event of calls-ins. At times the RSC may need to staff a shift -comparable time-off will be provided as available.
3. Responsible for reviewing time cards for accuracy prior to submission to payroll. Submit timecard information and documentation of staff attendance and leave time to payroll as per guidelines.
4. Conduct and document scheduled, mandatory staff meetings. May need to hold more frequent staff meetings if issues arise.
5. Direct daily supervision of PSAs and maintain proper documentation regarding that supervision.
6. Responsible for completing and submitting personnel documentation regarding PSA performance (i.e., annual evaluations, disciplinary reports, etc.).


1. Monitor facility expenses and budget such as: overtime, contract labor, food, utilities, supplies, etc. Enlist support and educate PSAs as to impact they have on budget by usage of supplies/utilities.
2. Daily supervise and assist consumer(s) with purchases and use of personal spending money. Have RSM sign-off on planned purchases. Keep accurate accounts, provide receipts and submit to finance per guidelines monthly.
3. Direct supervision of household petty cash fund. Use fund to replacing worn items/appliances, purchase household items and ensure adequate supplies are available and provide spending money for staff participation on consumer outings. Submit accurate accounts/receipts to finance per guidelines monthly.
4. Submit clothing request form to finance director when clothing purchases are needed by consumer(s). Identify items to be purchased, obtain funds and schedule outing(s) for consumers, collect all receipts and submit accurate accounts to finance in a timely manner.


1. Monitor agency vehicle (Vans) for cleanliness, readiness and supplies. See that repair needs are reported immediately, fuel level is maintained at ½ tank or more and proper documentation is maintained and submitted per guidelines in a timely manner.
2. Ensure safe and continuous operation of assigned vehicle. Report repairs, accidents, and traffic violations.
3. Responsible for supporting consumers with transportation to all activities including medical appointments. Coordinate with HSC, other RSC’s, RSM’s and central office to provide transportation service.


1. Will assume ‘call’ responsibilities for agency group homes on rotating basis. “Call” will start on Friday, 4:30pm to Monday, 8am.
2. May be requested to serve on various committees necessary to support agency and consumers activities.
3. Other duties as assigned including on-call responsibilities.

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