Job: Residential Support Manager/QMRP (RSM/QMRP) 2017-10-09T15:10:02+00:00
Title Residential Support Manager/QMRP (RSM/QMRP)

Monalisa Maileoi-Eseroma


DEPARTMENT: Residential
SUPERVISES: Residential Support Coordinator (RSC), Personal Support Attendant (PSA) indirectly
REPORTS TO: Executive Director

Functions as the TNC Service Coordinator for the Group Homes and Individual Supported Living (ISL) locations to facilitate the programmatic process dealing with habilitation service delivery. Responsible for supervising staff program orientation and the maintenance of agency services as outlined in the Person Centered Plan. Functions as the designee for the consumer advocacy program and supportive operations. Supervises and monitors service delivery and related documentation regarding site-based records. The RSM will advocate for the removal of architectural, environmental, attitudinal, financial, employment, communication, transportation, and any other barriers to the persons receiving services through TNC Community. Responsible to report all suspected/alleged abuse and neglect in accordance with TNC policies.


Has a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in education, rehabilitation or related social or behavioral science field, and has sufficient field experience to meet QMRP guidelines; has minimum of one year experience with persons with developmental disabilities and sufficient experience in individualized program development, types.

Average concentration/intensity.
Average memory, considering type and amount of information.
Average complexity of decision making.
Normal time pressure of decision making.
Average analytical thinking.
Average conceptual thinking.

Average verbal communication.
Average written communication.
Average non-verbal communication.

Ability to drive motorized vehicles.
Valid Missouri Class E driver’s license.



1. Charged with development, implementation, monitoring, adjustment, documentation and training of Person Centered Plans (PCP).
2. Chair and coordinate annual Person Centered Planning meeting. Submit PCP to appropriate Service Coordinator according to guidelines.
3. Attend parent/guardian meetings.
4. Post to server annual PCP schedule, indicating month meeting is due and date of implementation. Schedule PCP meetings at least 30 days prior to month due and update PCP schedule on server.
5. Submit all PCP related documents according to PCP schedule.
6. Monitor the protection of consumers’ rights and confidentiality issues. Holds annual consumer’s rights meeting and document.
7. Produce monthly consumer program summaries according to requirements and forward to appropriate Service Coordinator according the guidelines.
8. Maintain consumer records related to programming.
9. Correspond with referring agencies and any other service provider for program related issues.
10. Be familiar with Commission of Accreditation for Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF) standards and DMH regulations and develop and implement training services related to programmatic processes within those guidelines.


1. During onsite location visits and direct consumer activities, monitor consumer behavior and supportive equipment for safety, hygiene/cleanliness and appropriate function. Report/implement necessary actions/repairs as needed.
2. Regularly review consumer event and behavior reports for necessary response/actions.
3. Regularly monitor health care tracking data to ensure that all appointments, labs, consults and results are scheduled, maintained and documented.
4. Will annually be present at each site for a minimum of one (1) of each type of emergency drill, rotation various shifts.
5. Will complete a minimum of one (1) site visit between the hours of 12am and 5am every other month at supervised facility for the purpose of verifying compliance and performance quality by PSA staff.
6. Report suspected/alleged abuse and neglect per TNC policies.


1. Responsible for new staff orientation/training related to programmatic processes
2. Supervise Residential Support Coordinator, completing all documentation related to process (annual evaluations, disciplinary reports, etc.)
3. Support Residential Support Coordinators connected to supervised sites by serving as a mentor, assisting in the training process for consumers and personnel and providing over-site for specified tasks.


1. Oversee monthly/quarterly/annual budgets of supervised sites by regular meetings with RSC and documentation review.
2. Responsible for monitoring consumer personal spending accounts for use, documentation and receipt submission in a timely manner.
3. Responsible for monitoring petty cash expenditures for supervised sites, documentation and receipt submission in a timely manner.
4. Responsible for corporate credit card for necessary expenditures. Will provide receipts for all expenditures and submit to finance in a timely manner.


1. Monitor facilities/vehicles when on site for health and safety issues. Report per policy for correction/repairs.


1. On-call responsibilities as deemed necessary. Will assume weekend call in place of RSC on designated weekends( month with 5th weekend, etc.) May be required on occasion to provide direct care staffing onsite.
2. Participate in scheduled staff/house meetings, providing training, information, etc. as indicated.
3. Participate in development of policies and procedures, particularly as related to programmatic processes.
4. Participate and/or chair a variety of committees as needed to support programmatic processes.
5. Submit all required reports according to guidelines.
6. Other duties as assigned.

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