Early in September, we were all set up and ready for TNC Day. We had a western theme with an awesome TShirt design. (We had several homes submit ideas and we put all the ideas in to one.) Unfortunately, that early morning temperature was simply too chilly for individuals and we had to make the difficult decision to reschedule. Everyone was disappointed – employees, individuals and family members.

[if_slider id=”3207″]But about a week later, we celebrated again…the revised venue was TNC’s admin office, TNC Community II.

We decorated, set the tables…and the music began. All the employees chose a Western-themed version of their name,  and everyone had a great time. The food was delicious. There was a log of laughter, dancing, smiles and even a little karaoke.

We had a great time. And that’s what TNC Day is really about – celebrating who we are, what we do – together as a family.

* Special thanks to Colette Crist for taking the pictures. She did a fantastic job capturing the fun!


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